Frequently Asked Questions

Crystal Glass Touch Switches

Do the TouchArt switches need special technical skills to install and operate?
No. Touch Art switches are designed to go with the same electrical wiring practices of modular switches and hence a good electrician can install and wire the switches in the standard Indian modular switch boxes.
Do we need any special sizes metal or surface mount boxes?
No. You can install these switches in any standard 2M, 4M, 6M, 8M and 12M metal or surface mount boxes.
Can we connect and dim GLS, CFL and LED lights?
Yes.  TouchArt supplies  two types  dimmers.
1. Dimmers for normal bulbs – GLS  
2. Dimmers for CFL or LED with 1-10V  electronic ballast/drivers    

Refer the products in the catalog for various models
How many bulbs can we connect to each dimmer circuit?
In case of GLS lamps (ordinary bulbs) a total load of 200 watts per circuit can be connected.
In case of CFL or LED lamps 2 to 3 fittings per circuit can be connected irrespective of the low wattage.  
This is because these lamps are inductive or capacitive loads being driven by electronic transformers of low voltage.
What are the special TouchArt devices available?
Touch Art switches are available in many combinations from single switch to nine switch controls in one panel.  In addition to fan and switch combinations,  there are two types of special combination switch for
1. 3 lights, two fans and one curtain control or
2. 5 lights, two fans and one curtain control
3. 4 lights, two fans and three scenes
Refer the products in the catalog for various models
Will motion sensors detect through glass?
No motion sensors can not detect through glass
Can we install the sensors in bathrooms with hot showers?
No. The vapour of the hot showers will deposit on the lens of the sensor making it ineffective.
Can we install the motion sensors as presence sensors in bed rooms, office rooms etc.?
No. For motion sensors to be operative there should be good movements of human body at regular intervals of less than 3 minutes in the IR field.
What type of special wiring is required for Automation?
No special wiring or skills are required for either the switches or the TGate. Normal modular switch wiring is sufficient to install the switches. The TGate requires only a 220V socket for plugging. The whole Toyama Wizhom solution is simply just plug and play.

Home Automation

How many Toyama Wi-Fi Panels can a single router operate?
A single router can operate up to 20 WiFi switches.
What type of curtain motor is compatible with Toyama curtain switch?
For Toyama curtain switches, AC Curtain Motors are suitable whereas DC curtain motors are NOT suitable.
How to change the color of LED lights in Touch panel
For 2 module switches, the second LED is pressed and held for 10s. This will cause the color of the LED to start changing. As for 4, 6, 8 and 12 module switches, the master ON/OFF button is pressed and held for 10s, This will cause the color of the LED to start changing. Both ON and OFF LED colors can be set.
At what stage of construction we need to plan the Home Automation?
Thanks to the Toyama Wizhom wireless technology. No planning is required. Any time you can choose to install the switches and TGate and start enjoying the automation.

Contactless Elevators

Can the elevator buttons be used even with ELSafe?
Yes, ELSafe is an add on to your existing system. Choice of disabling buttons is also possible
Does ELSafe work in all types of elevators?
Yes, we have two variatiants, ELSafe internet for parallel control and ELSafe bluetooth for serial control