Programmable Scene Panels

5 premium finishes (install on standard electrical metal boxes)
Bold Beige
Silky Silver
Galaxy Grey
Ivory White
Toyama Controls - 4 key programmable scene panel
4 Key Scene Panel (704)
Metal Box Size : 79*75*52mm
Toyama Controls - l8 key programmable scene panel
8 Key Scene panel (708)
Metal Box Size : 79*75*52mm
Technical Datasheet
Dual Mode of Control

Energy Saving Solution

Guests leaving AC on when they are out wastes a lot of energy! Toyama's Thermostat which works with the RFID key card provides a smart and convenient fix for this. When rooms are unoccupied, AC is turned off or changed as per management preferences to save electricity. When guests are in the room, they can easily reset the temperature as per their comfort. A win - win situation for everyone.

Standardized Scenes

Guest Welcome Scene

Every time guests insert their RFID key cards into the wall mount holder, the standard welcome scene of two lights will be activated for a warm and familiar feel.

Hotel staff need not have to worry about room lights having to be reset for every new guest that visits the hotel.

Welcome Scene
Status Indications

Check-In , Check-Out Solution

Custom status indications on the corridor panel make it easy for hotel staff to know when guests require services or do not wish to be disturbed, With this solution, communication between guests and hotel staff becomes a breeze. It works in tandem with the RFID key card.

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Optimize Guest Room Experience

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