Hotel Temperature Controller Thermostat

Ambient room temperatures

Controllable via touch panels or Amazon

Hotel Thermostat Controller

What are thermostats?

Toyama’s temperature controllers with integrated thermostats seamlessly help you and your hotel guests to set and monitor the temperature of guest rooms. Take control using touch panels with LED displays or use more convenient options like voice assistants like Google or Alexa. Further save energy with preset settings and reduce the hotels energy footprint

Energy Saving Hotel Guest Room Solution

Save Energy, Save Money

Temperature controlled thermostats work in tandem with RFID key cards to save energy based on guest occupancy

Guest Setting
Allow your guests to use sleek touch temperature controlled thermostat controls to set the the room temperature and change it as per their wishes
Management Setting
Rather than having the low temperatures probably set by the guests, save energy with Toyamas temperature controlled thermostat which change it to the preset temperature for optimal energy consumption and guest comfort when they return to their rooms.

Temperature Controller Thermostat User Interfaces

Multiple Colours

Choose the perfect thermostat user interfaces to match the decor of hotel guest rooms for easy control of AC by guests.
Toyama Controls - Thermostat
2 module appliance control user interface
24V Thermostat
2 module appliance control user interface
240V Thermostat
Technical Datasheet

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