Programmable Scene Panels

5 premium finishes (install on standard electrical metal boxes)
Bold Beige
Silky Silver
Galaxy Grey
Ivory White
4 key programmable scene panel
4 Key Scene Panel (704)
Metal Box Size : 79*75*52mm
8 key programmable scene panel
8 Key Scene panel (708)
Metal Box Size : 79*75*52mm
Technical Datasheet

Optimized Guest Room Experience

Reading Scene

Lighting in a new space can take some getting used to. With preprogrammed scenes suitable for each mood, guests will be comfortable in no time.

Whether reading a book or doing work, a reading scene having the optimized lights suited for the space will ensure guests can effortlessly get to all their tasks.

Television Scene

Add a preset TV scene to ensure guests can enjoy and entertain themselves without having to learn which switch controls which light. Based on the lighting of the room, lights can be turned on or dimmed with a single click. In addition, curtains can also be drawn simultaneously for the perfect viewing experience.

Good Night Scene

A convenient control for guests, with a single click, the room will be ready for night time. All lights will be turned off and night lamps turned on. Curtains can be included in the preset to close shut.

In case of Bedside panels of 4, 6 and 8 modules have the option of a master on/off button where all lights except bed lamps will be turned off.

Optimize Guest Room Experience

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