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Toyama Controls - WizHom app
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Home Automation Makes Your Life Better

What sets apart a good home automation system from a great one? The great ones just work, aren't gimmicky, don't get in your way, and add value to your life and routine. That's what you get with a Toyama smart home.

A complete smart home solution which leaves no stone unturned - smart lighting, security, entertainment, energy saving and more should all come under a single user interface to work seamlessly together and with each other.
Good design of a smart home involves multiple interfaces to control your devices - smart switches, IR remotes, smart home apps, and voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

A total of four different interfaces for different scenarios and users ensures no friction and just allows you to get your work done.

With years of research and effort behind it, Toyama's smart homes offer an unparalleled user experience.

Interacting with

A Timeless User Interface

Sleek toughened glass smart switches replace your existing modular switches. Built-in smart mesh technologies allow for integration with an entire ecosystem of products and brands.

And most importantly, you can operate the smart switch even without the smarts or the internet by giving it a gentle tap.

Common Questions

Can I Install This In My Existing Home?

Yes, Toyama's smart switches are designed to be retrofit solutions. They are designed to be installed in standard metal boxes in India which conform to Indian and British Standards. No extra wiring is required.

Existing modular switches get replaced with smart touch switches. These wireless switches are the backbone of the smart home system.

Do I Need Smart Bulbs and Smart Fans and other appliances?

No, your existing bulbs, fans, and even geysers and other appliances will turn into a smart lighting solution! You can forego the need to buy smart bulbs, specific Alexa lights, and other smart devices.

This is because Toyama switches are smart switches that can connect almost any load to it.

Is This Wireless?

Yes, this is completely wireless home automation. Toyama uses advanced wireless mesh technologies such as proprietary Zigbee and TMesh to provide an optimal and stable experience. No additional cabling required!

The last thing you want is your devices disconnecting or clogging up your WiFi router! WiFi is a technology not suited for home automation and we overcome that with our robust mesh technologies.

How Long Does It Take To Setup?

It typically takes a Toyama Certified Engineer about 15 to 30 minutes per room to wire, configure and setup the system.

This means, you can have your whole house setup within a day, depending on the scope of work and the number of rooms.

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