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Say bye to multiple remotes. Say hello to the IR Blaster.

With just a single device, you can now manage all your IR-controlled devices, whether it’s your TV, sound system, or air conditioner, from the convenience of your mobile phone or by simply using voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant.

smart home automation

Universal remote control

Turn your phone into a universal remote.
No more fumbling with multiple remotes, simplify your life and bring the ultimate smart home experience.

best IR Blaster
Automation app

Upgrade Your Existing Fans

There are several ways to upgrade your existing fans into smart fans and have them controlled through your smart phone, Alexa, or Google Assistant.You can easily convert your ceiling fans, floor fans, and whole house fans into smart fans and manage them remotely. With the help of a simple conversion kit, you can connect your fans to a smart hub or a network, and control them individually or as a group.

By converting multiple floor fans into a network of smart fans, you can easily manage them with a single command from your smart phone or virtual assistant. This makes it convenient to turn on or off all the fans in a room or a specific area, without having to go to each fan individually.

You can also integrate temperature or motion sensors with your smart fans to automate their operation. For instance, you can use a temperature sensor to turn on a fan or a group of fans when the temperature rises above a certain level. Similarly, a motion sensor can trigger the fans to turn on when someone enters the room.

Controlling fan with remote

Use Cases


Manage multiple remotes and devices effortlessly with the Toyama WizHom interface.


Declutter your space with streamlined control.


Compatible with 50,000+ IR-controlled devices, including TVs, DVD players, air conditioners, fans, and more.


Access an extensive cloud-based IR database, regularly updated to cover 98% of remote functions.

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