Wireless. Water resistant. Customisable.

Smart Touch Switches

Smart touch switches for lighting, fans, appliances, curtains and shades, and more.


Wireless Touch Switches.

Wireless. Water Resistant. And completely customisable to add that extra bit of character to your home.

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Sleek Glass Touch Switches in Bangalore

Sleek Glass Touch Switches

Adding character to your home since 2009, Toyama's touch switches are a result of many years of research and perfection to craft the perfect user interface to control your home.

Available in many configurations, they easily retrofit into existing homes and add the power of home automation.

When you don't want to use an app or voice, simply touch the buttons to operate them like a regular switch which work without the internet, as switches should.
Toyama Controls - Toyama Glass Touch Switch in a bedroom
What Can You Control?

Home Automation Controls

Toyama Controls - Smart Lighting
Smart Lighting
Smart lighting for control via mobile, voice, IR remote and touch panels
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Humfree Fan Icon
Smart Fan Control
Smart fan controls which can be controlled via mobile, voice, IR remote and touch panels
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Geyser Icon
Smart Plug
Smart plugs to control your appliances with your voice, IR remote, touch panels and voice
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Toyama Controls - Scene Controller
Scene Controller
Scene panels to automate control of multiple lights, curtains and appliances with a single command
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Gate icon
Smart Gate Opener
Automate opening and closing of motorized gates with smart gate control panels
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Curtain Icon
Curtain Controller
Automate opening and closing of motorized curtains with smart curtain control panels
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Lock Icon
Smart Locks
Number 1 secure locks from Yale can now be controlled through Toyama WizHom app
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Smart Security Camera
Home Security Camera
Link any indoor and outdoor camera with WizHom and keep an eye on your smart home
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Sensors Icon
Smart Sensor
Ensure safety of your home with gas sensor, smoke alarm sensor, vibration sensor and get notified on your mobile
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Stand Out Features

What Makes Our Touch Switches Great

Thin touch switches
Toughened Glass
Our switches are made with toughened glass that stand the test of time and feel as good as new, always.
Toyama Controls - Technology
Robust & Future-proof Technologies
Built with robust mesh network technologies, our switches are constantly kept up to date with over-the-air firmware updates that bring new features and security updates.
Customization icon
Completely Customisable
We manufacture our touch switches to fit into any user's space with complete customisability. Customise the icons, text, and colour of the glass plates and we'll have them made to the designer's specification
A man and woman holding a smart phone to control smart homes

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