Smart IR Blaster in Bangalore

Replace all your IR remotes

Tired of searching for the remote and continuously having to replace the batteries? Control all your IR devices with just the IR Blaster and WizHom app

IR Remote Control in Bangalore

A Universal Remote

IR blasters are devices which helps control all IR devices with a single remote on your mobile phone, or with the help of Voice Commands to Alexa or Google Assistant.
Toyama Controls - Couple using IR Blaster to control TV
Toyama Controls - IR Blaster

App Integration

Limitless IR Remote Integrations

The Toyama WizHom app allows for integration of unlimited IR devices and control using the Toyama WizHom app or voice commands to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

IR Blaster Use Cases

How You Can Use It

Turn your AC on remotely

Use the WizHom app or voice commands to turn on your Air conditioner to cool your home or office before you reach.

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Set up movie night

Right from the projector and music system to speakers and AC. Control everything with just the WizHom app.

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