RGB LED Controller in Bangalore

Alter the mood of the space

Change the visual appearance of a space by using RGB lights, controlled using glass touch panels, WizHom app or voice control.

RGB LED Controller Manufacturers in Bangalore

What is an RGB LED Controller?

Toyama’s dedicated RGB LED controllers are a thing of the future. With the right configuration of LED bulbs/strip lights and the power of the Wizhome app you can choose from 64M color combinations to light up your living spaces. 

Set the mood using an intuitive interface on your smartphone or use the smart touch panels to get the right combination of hues for every room. Light up your children’s bedrooms with bright yellows and electric blues during playtime. Set a red white for the home theatre, all this and much more, and your imagination is your limit. 
Combine your preferences with scene settings, set the evening groove for your parties and impress your guests. Automatically change the hues across your home to a relaxing setting after a long day of work. Toyama’s RGB LED controllers are guaranteed to bring wondrous colors to your home and life. 

Why RGB LED Controller

Why This Is For You

RGB LED Controller User Interfaces

Multiple Configurations

Every home is different which makes customisability is key. When choosing Toyama's home automation, you get complete flexibility to customise the user interfaces to your liking.

Have complete control and have customised glass panels, customised icons, customised text and more to suit the exact look and feel decided by you or your architect.
Toyama Controls - RGB LED Controller
Toyama Controls - 4 Module RGB Dimming User Interfaces
Three Zone (330 Z / T)
Metal Box Size : 79*135*52mm
Technical Datasheet

RGB LED Controller Use Cases

How You Can Use It

Alter lighting colors

Change from warm to cool lighting. While white light helps concentrate, yellow lights help you to relax.

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Movie Viewing

Make movie night more special by lighting up your tv room with warm or cool colors to match the mood.

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In your shower

Colors affect your well being and your moods. Also known to potentially benefit your skin

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