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Imagine opening your locks without keys. Install smart digital door lock and open and close it with your mobile phone

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Learn what's in it for you and why you should opt for a smart lock for your home today

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Smart Locks in Bangalore

What are smart locks?

Smart locks are a must-have security feature for your home or apartment. With the use of robust and highly secure encryption protocols, Toyama’s smart locks replace traditional keys with more secure alternatives like biometrics, smartphone authentication and PIN codes while providing additional layers of security and conveniences like intruder alerts and unauthorized access notifications and granting entry remotely. 

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Why This Is For You

Did You Know?

34% of burglars enter homes through the front door! Be sure to secure your home with door locks. Opt for smart door locks for enhanced security and remote viewing even when you are away

Digital Door Lock Components

Yale Smart door lock is to be professionally installed along with the YRM 20N receiver and YRM 20AM transmitter for operations along with the rest of the Toyama Home Automation devices using the WizHom mobile application

Toyama Controls -  Security
Multiple access options
Toyama Controls - Notification
Get alerted with notifications
Toyama Controls - Remote Control
Grant entry remotely

Smart Touch Panels in any color to match your home are to be installed for control of lock through touch. Two options are present : 
Y02 Z - Zigbee Touch panel for control of 1 lock and 2 lights
Y02 T - TMesh Touch panel for control of 1 lock and 2 lights

Toyama Controls - Touch Control
Crystal Glass Touch Panels
Toyama Controls - customizable controls
Customizable color and finishes

Smart Home app for control of your digital door lock as well as other smart home applications. Download from the AppStore or PlayStore
and control your locks from anywhere

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Multiple User Access
Toyama Controls - access from anywhere
Access from Anywhere
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Check Status of Home
Toyama Controls - Smart Lock

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