Smart Home Temperature Control in Bangalore

Smart Home Temperature control

Controllable through your mobile phone or voice assistant, set scenes and schedules for optimal usage.

Smart Thermostats in Bangalore

What are thermostats?

Toyama’s temperature controllers with integrated thermostats seamlessly help you to set and monitor the temperature of your home or individual rooms. Take control using touch panels with LED displays or use more convenient options like the Wizhome app or voice assistants like Google or Alexa. Set routines and schedules to help rein in on those electricity bills without breaking a sweat.

Smart Controls for a smart life

Why This Is For You

Temperature Controller Thermostat User Interfaces

Multiple Colours

Every home is different which makes customisability is key. When choosing Toyama's home automation, you get complete flexibility to customise the user interfaces to your liking.

Have complete control and have customised glass panels, customised icons, customised text and more to suit the exact look and feel decided by you or your architect.
Toyama Controls - Thermostat
2 module appliance control user interface
24V Thermostat
2 module appliance control user interface
240V Thermostat
Technical Datasheet

Temperature Controller Thermostat Use Cases

How You Can Use It

In case you forgot

With remote operability, you can turn off the thermostat from the WizHom app on your mobile phone or tablet and not worry about wasting energy

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Schedule it

Schedule it to turn on automatically. Your preferred setting will turn on every night at a fixed time. You don't have to do a thing

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