Public Surfaces May Carry Infections

Touching elevator buttons is of high risk during this corona crisis.Viruses can survive on the surface of elevators for up to 3 days. You can’t avoid using the elevators but you can avoid coming in contact with frequently touched buttons.
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Just Three Steps

Elevator Operation

Scan QR Code
Pull out the Toyama ELSafe app, and scan the QR code beside the elevator buttons. You will immediately be presented with the buttons you see, either up, down or both. Call the elevator.
Select Your Destination
After calling the elevator, you will be presented with the floors. Select the floor and step into the elevator.
Enter the elevator
Reach your floor without having made any contact with the elevator buttons, keeping yourself and others clean and safe from harmful microbes and viruses.
Contactless Elevator Automation in Australia-Toyama

ELSafe for Android & iOS 

Scan. Tap. Close. A clean, no-nonsense app that just controls your elevator and allows you to carry on with your day.
Toyama- Home Automation Android & iOS App

Toyama ELSafe,
Feel as safe as home


Open the ELSafe mobile application and scan the QR code to operate the elevator.


Works with existing elevators - both old and new, parallel and serial controlled.


Follows industry implementations in both Internet based and Bluetooth Low Energy solutions.
ELSafe Working

Choose the option which fits your elevator

Technical Specifications

CPU : 32bit, 80MHz Microcontroller

Memory : 128Kbyte

FlashDisplay : 26 Status LED

IO : Output -26ch (Form  A Relay),
        RS-485 -1port

Controller Dimensions : 120 x 220 x 50 mm

Weight : 1.2 Kg
ELSafe contactless elevator controller specifications

Make your Elevators Contactless

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