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Toyama's controls and Control4's integrations with just about every electronic product equals a zero compromise, ultimate luxury home automation system with maximum customizability


Overview of
Luxury Home Automation

Smart Light Control
Your lights will turn on or dim as per your usage when you set scenes.
Climate Control
Smart heating and cooling systems that are completely under your control
Home Theatre Control
Experience control of the most premium home automation system
AV control
Stream music anywhere or in your entire home.
Know status of your home and stay informed in case your alarms are triggered
Curtain Controls
Enjoy complete privacy and protection from heat and cold.
Remote Access
Even when you are not at home, control it as though you are.
Energy Saving
Light sensors will automatically dim your lights based on entry of natural light.
Motion sensors and gas sensors to trigger alerts in case of any danger

Zigbee Touch Switches

Toyama's smart home automation works using the Zigbee mesh protocol for secure and reliable communication throughout your house

Custom Colors
Custom Icons
Zigbee Touch Switches-Toyama

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Luxury Home Automation

Use Cases

Welcome Home

Light Controls
Your home is ready for you the moment you arrive
Music Controls
Customize music to enter home feeling pleasant and welcome
Motion Sensors
Upon entering, motion sensors in your garage will detect your presence and turn on the driveway and garage lights

Goodnight Scene

Light Controls
Specific night lights can be programmed in the app to turn remain on
Curtain Controls
Curtains will be automatically drawn for a good nights sleep
Temperature Controls
Have your bedroom set to the perfect temperature for sound sleep

Party Scene

RGB Controller
Cheer your guests with the perfect lighting
AV Controllers
Turn up the energy with amazing music and videos

Movie Scene

Once you set this scene, the only thing left for you is to sit back and enjoy the movie

Create the perfect ambience with elegant lighting controls
Home Theatre System
Audio, video set exactly to your liking

How it works

Control4 has built readily available drivers specifically for Toyama products making installation a breeze. Individual Toyama touch panels are paired to the Toyama bridge which then communicates with the Control4 driver

Home Automation

Why Choose Us?

Toyama's controls and Controls4's integration with just about every electronic product equals a zero compromise, ultimate luxury home automation with max customizability

Over 13,000 compatible home automation devices
Customizable glass
modular & touch switches
Post sales service and support
Home Automation Sevice in Middle East-Toyama

Make your home smart

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