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Toyama Offers 3 Platforms covering all domains of automation. All platforms work with a single app with easy installation and simplicity of usage.

T-Mesh (WiFi + Bluetooth)
Basic (Lighting & Appliance) Control ->
Basic & Security Control ->
Toyama x Control4
Basic Security & AV Controls ->
Multiple Users
Multiple Devices
Multi Location
Virtual Controller for 10 Nodes

(Toyama Propreitary WiFi)

Toyama proprietary WiFi solution known as T-Mesh is faster and more efficient than the traditional WiFi system. Built to offload the router, virtually unlimited devices can be added without the system slowing down.


Home Automation hub with cloud based operations for device control, multimedia equipment control and management. Suitable for large homes or villas

Available Types : 

20 Node Hub50 Node Hub
toyama zigbee home automation gateway
Toyama X Control4 Solution

C4 Controller
with Toyama Devices

Use Control4 Controllers along with Toyama smart products for adding audio video, home theatre and advance security solutions. Choose from a list of 15,000 devices from top brands in the world for your smart home.

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