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Smart home

Toyama Devices Compatible With

What Can You Control With WizHom

Home Automation Controls

Toyama Controls - Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting for control via mobile, voice, IR remote and touch panels
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Humfree Fan Icon

Smart Fan Control

Smart fan controls which can be controlled via mobile, voice, IR remote and touch panels
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Geyser Icon

Smart Plug

Smart plugs to control your appliances with your voice, IR remote, touch panels and voice
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Toyama Controls - Scene Controller

Scene Controller

Scene panels to automate control of multiple lights, curtains and appliances with a single command
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Gate icon

Smart Gate Opener

Automate opening and closing of motorized gates with smart gate control panels
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Curtain Icon

Curtain Controller

Automate opening and closing of motorized curtains with smart curtain control panels
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Lock Icon

Smart Locks

Number 1 secure locks from Yale can now be controlled through Toyama WizHom app
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Smart Security Camera

Home Security Camera

Link any indoor and outdoor camera with WizHom and keep an eye on your smart home
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Sensors Icon

Smart Sensor

Ensure safety of your home with gas sensor, smoke alarm sensor, vibration sensor and get notified on your mobile
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What Makes Toyama Different?

Toyama Controls - Quality icon

Developed & Made In-House

We manufacture and develop everything in-house. Our apps, our luxury glass switches and all our hardware is made with utmost care and quality control
Toyama Controls - Proprietary Mesh

Future Proof Mesh Technologies

We do away with WiFi based systems and introduce industry leading mesh technologies to improve the reliability and offer unlimited range
Toyama Controls - Over the Air Update

Secure Firmware Updates

Our apps receive routine feature and bug fix updates. More importantly, our devices as well, via secure Over The Air updates.
Toyama Controls - customizable controls

Complete Customisability

We manufacture everything in house so our toughened glass panels can be customised with any colour, text, icons and even logos.

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Starting Packages


Getting started with lighting, fans in three bedrooms, a living room for a robust solution to automate your home

Toyama Controls - Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Toyama Controls - Smart Fan Control

Smart Fans

Toyama Controls - Smart Plug

Smart Geysers

Starting at Rs. 7999 per room

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Everything in Basic along with the following for an enhanced automation experience

Toyama Controls - Curtain controller

Smart Curtains

Toyama Controls - Smart Lock

Digital Door Locks + Cameras

Toyama Controls - Remote Control

Remotes of AC,TV

Starting at Rs. 18999 per room

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Everything in Premium and more for an ultimate home automation experience

Toyama Controls - smart sensors

Smart Security Sensors

Toyama Controls - Home theatre

Luxury Home Theatres 

Toyama Controls - Multi room audio

Multi Room Audio

Starting at Rs. 29999 per room

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Large Builder Projects

A complete customised solution for large multi dwelling unit projects

Toyama Controls - Modular component

Complete Customisation

Toyama Controls - Installation icon

Priority Installation

Toyama Controls - customer support

Priority Support

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