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Smart voice assistant from Google allows you to use just your voice to get things done without moving an inch

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Toyama Controls - Woman talking to smart home

Google Assistant Use Cases

Simplify Your Routines With Voice Commands

Use Case

OK Google, Turn off Fan

Use voice commands to your google home to turn on or off your Toyama devices including lights, dimmers, fans, air conditioners and more
Toyama - Humfree Smart Fan Control

Use Case

OK Google, Turn on Night Mode

A simple voice command to your google assistant will activate the night mode on your Toyama Scene Panel. The preprogrammed night mode scene allows simultaneous control of all the devices associated with the night.
Toyama - Woman talking to smart home

Use Case

Scheduling with Google Assistant

With Google Assistant, automate the devices that you turn on and off everyday. Set a sunrise or sunset schedule so that all your lights, dimmers, fans etc are set to the preferred setting during that time of the day.
Toyama - Smart Home Bedroom

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