An family utilising home automation in their smart home

Making buildings smarter.
Home Automation. Hotel Automation.

Designed, developed, manufactured in India. With a reputation for it just works’.

Your buildings get smarter, automated and more efficient with Toyama Controls

Toyama has a demonstrated history in improving our clients' lives with the best solutions for their homes, apartments and buildings. Homes are getting smart, and a single unified solution is the need of the hour to orchestrate the many smart devices and appliances in our day. A single, familiar and customisable interface to control everything. With a promise of reliability, serviceability and features and support. That's Toyama.


A single app to control your entire home and automagically manage everything from the convenience of your phone.


Retrofit hospitality solutions to give your guests the best. Without the learning curve.


Our portfolio of builder projects, luxury villas, individual homes, five star hotels, boutique hotels, and more.


We work with Architects, Interior designers, builders and other related professionals to deliver th best.

“Home Automation is something I always percieved as luxury. The moment I used Toyama WizHom, it got integrated so smoothly into my routine that it’s hard to imagine living without it.”- Saif, WizHom User

Who we work with

There's a reason we have amazing clients.

We believe that keeping our clients happy is a must. We have amazing clients because of our commitment to the best possible experience. We have had the privilege of serving some of our customers for over two decades.