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DAMAC Hills Dubai – A Home Automation Experience

Case study of Toyama smart home automation products in a villa in Damac Hills, Dubai 

DAMAC Hills, Dubai

Over the last decade, luxury has been constantly redefined by the global real estate industry. Global trends in technology, design, art, and architecture have paved the way for new paradigms to form and shape the future of luxury homes all over the world.

One such emergence at the turn of this decade has been the increasing adoption of smart home technology in luxury home projects. The smart home market is expected to grow to over USD 200 billion by the end of 2030, stemming from what seems to be a demand in spaces with high fidelity and utility.

A Trailblazer in Dubai

One such project in the constantly evolving real-estate landscape of the UAE is DAMAC Hills, a well-established self-contained community comprising villas, apartments, and luxury hotels. Home to the Trump International Golf Club Dubai, it boasts nearly four million square feet of parkland offering various themed areas for relaxation and sports – including restful gardens and lakes, a skate park, stables, football field, tennis courts, and more.

An exclusive selection of DAMAC Hills luxury villas has integrated state-of-the-art installations and solutions from Toyama Control Solutions making them a unique smart home offering to this elite community of homeowners.

Smart Home Automation that Redefines Luxury

Smart Switches, Sensors and Curtain Controls

The entire villa has been suited with Toyama’s range of glass touch panels, a unique product offering a feature-rich experience while complementing elegant interior designs. Employing multi-zone controls for lighting with smart dimmers across living rooms and bedrooms allows for setting the right ambiance every time.

With motion sensor-controlled lighting for wardrobes and bathrooms, most day-to-day activities have been made hands-free and energy-efficient. Using multi-zone motor-driven curtain controllers, the villa residents can choose complete privacy or allow to flood their living space with life and light with the touch of a button.

One-Touch Scene Panels

Scene controller panels have been included across the residence allowing one-touch activation of mood/scene settings such as party, night-time, power saving, etc. Adding continuity to design elements throughout the villa, Toyama has also replaced many of the traditional 2-way switches and thermostat controls with sleek touch panel counterparts.

State-of-the-art Home Automation Technology

Completely integrated and controlled by coupling a Zigbee network and Toyama’s T-Gate automation ecosystem this multi-floor abode has been designed to echo the thought “luxury is comfort and convenience” This unique setup brings advanced features like voice(Alexa and Google Home) and WizHome app control to all devices and apparels on the network allowing complete home automation, setting of routines and remote control with ease.

Versatile Products, Robust Manufacturing

High endurance ratings, robust manufacturing processes, and certified installations using advanced quality checks have made Toyama’s smart home suite a hassle-free, energy-efficient solution to the modern-day occupants of these luxury villas. OTA updates and on-call technical assistance guarantee that homeowners receive real-time upgrades and feature-rich experiences, always.

Keeping the Right Company

In an era where time is an increasingly rare commodity, luxury is experienced through seamless convenience. Smart home solutions have become a gold standard offering in luxury homes catering to a community that values privacy, comfort, elegance and finesse all at once.

We are Toyama Controls understand luxury better than most. Our clientele includes happy homeowners from across Asia and the Middle East, who have put their trust in our wide range of quality products and reliable services. Come partner with us at Toyama Controls in redefining luxury for your homes, one switch at a time.



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