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Smart Hotel Guest Room Solutions in Bangalore

Hotel Automation

Enrich guest experience in hotels with
intuitive solutions that are smart, easy to install and are completely customizable to your hotel.

Hotel Automation in Bangalore

Overview of Hotel Automation

Toyama Controls - Smart Scenes


Whether you are building a new hotel or renovating an aged one, Toyama solutions are a good fit for everyone

Touchless Operations

Guests can operate all the electric devices in their rooms from their mobile phones.

Occupancy Status

With our zigbee number panels, know how many rooms are occupied and gain important insights into your business


Security and access control locks for entry into guest rooms in partnership with world leaders - Yale
Customization icon

Custom Icons and Colors

Glass Touch panels to match the room decor with each icon customized to its corresponding control
energy saving

Energy Saving

Thermostats can be set to management setting whereby the temperature is automatically regulated when guests are away.
Toyama Controls - Smart Scenes

Custom Scenes

Standard settings to welcome guests can be programmed into switches. Night scene allows easy switch off of all lights
User interface

Matching Modular Switches

Glass modular switches that compliment the look of touch switches

Bedside Controls

Do not disturb, Laundry and clean my room controls located within arms reach
Temperature controls

Climate Control

Smart thermostat which gets activated with the RFID keycard
Toyama Controls - Curtain Controller

Curtain Controls

Bedside control of curtains for convenience of guests
Light bulb icon

Smart Lighting Controls

Simple, clear and convenient control of room lighting without any confusion

Dual Mode of Control

Energy Saving Solution

Guests leaving AC on when they are out wastes a lot of energy! Toyama's Thermostat which works with the RFID key card provides a smart and convenient fix for this. When rooms are unoccupied, AC is turned off or changed as per management preferences to save electricity. When guests are in the room, they can easily reset the temperature as per their comfort. A win - win situation for everyone.

Standardized Scenes

Guest Welcome Scene

Every time guests insert their RFID key cards into the wall mount holder, the standard welcome scene of two lights will be activated for a warm and familiar feel.

Hotel staff need not have to worry about room lights having to be reset for every new guest that visits the hotel.

Welcome Scene

Status Indications

Check-In , Check-Out Solution

Custom status indications on the corridor panel make it easy for hotel staff to know when guests require services or do not wish to be disturbed, With this solution, communication between guests and hotel staff becomes a breeze. It works in tandem with the RFID key card.

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GRMS Programmable Control

Optimized Guest Room Experience

The Perfect Lighting

Lighting in a new space can take some getting used to. With preprogrammed scenes suitable for each mood, guests will be comfortable in no time.

Whether reading a book or doing work, a reading scene having the optimized lights suited for the space will ensure guests can effortlessly get to all their tasks.
Hotel guest reading

Movie Ready

Add a preset TV scene to ensure guests can enjoy and entertain themselves without having to learn which switch controls which light. Based on the lighting of the room, lights can be turned on or dimmed with a single click. In addition, curtains can also be drawn simultaneously for the perfect viewing experience.

Allow guests to unwind

A convenient control for guests, with a single click, the room will be ready for night time. All lights will be turned off and night lamps turned on. Curtains can be included in the preset to close shut.

In case of Bedside panels of 4, 6 and 8 modules have the option of a master on/off button where all lights except bed lamps will be turned off.

Hotel Automation Products

Network Architecture

The Technology

Toyama GRMS solutions are based on a versatile architecture which has been used in various networking protocols. Besides mod-bus , the network architecture has been proven in Zigbee, Wifi and Bluetooth environments. With over 5000 installations, the technology has matured for stable performance.

Load Controller Options

  • Directly Wired Touch Switches
  • Ceiling Mount Relay Dimmers & Actuators
  • Ceiling Mount Room Control Unit

Hotel Automation

Why Choose Us?

With over 5000 installations, Toyamas guest room solutions have proved to be robust, efficient and the preferred choice in every type of hotel. With Toyama you get a long lasting solution completely customized to your hotels requirements.

Energy Saving Temperature controls
Retrofit or in new hotels
IoT Touch switches with customizable icons and colors
Modular Glass switches with laser engraving
We make everything in our factories in India (Not any neighboring countries)
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