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Smart Fan Controllers: An Essential Part of your Home Automation Setup

Upgrade Your Home Comfort: The Importance of Smart Fan Control in Modern Home Automation

A guide and introduction to smart fan controllers in home automation setups and the advantage of humfree speed controls

Smart Fan Controllers: An Essential Part of your Home Automation Setup

Remember that time when after a long day’s work you got back home, pulled off your socks and slumped into your sofa only to realize that you now need to get up just to turn the fan on? Or that time when you were snugly rolled up in your quilt, with your partner already blissfully snoring away next to you, but it’s a tad too warm and needed to turn the fan up just a notch?

Now imagine having a smart home do this for you with a touch of a button or a simple voice command? We bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Same Old, Same Old

If you live in the tropics you probably are no strangers to the humble ceiling fan that toils away(although not quietly) all day to help you beat the heat on a budget.

Considering the average fan you buy in the market hasn’t seen a revolutionary change in design or functionality in the last three decades, how do you give this essential contraption modern-day upgrades?

Enter Smart Fan Controllers

If you are on the path to discovering the wonders of smart home automation we’d recommend you start off here. But for the initiated, we needn’t preach the bevy of features that smart home setups bring to your home. A smart fan controller is one more arrow in that feature-loaded quiver.

Apart from offering the convenience of turning on/off your ceiling fans using a sleek touch panel, smart fan controllers bring the priceless convenience of app and voice control.

Using smart apps such as Wizhom and smart voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you can now control your fans with a touch of a button and voice commands.

What’s more, you even have control over the speed of the fan using these interfaces thereby making your lounging all the more convenient.

Humfree Fan Technology

Remember in the beginning we alluded to how fans were not exactly easy on the ears. A common issue with ceiling fans, whose speeds are controlled through conventional regulators, is that they produce a droning hum that can get to the best of us.

These can be especially annoying at night when everything else is quiet and it tends to ruin the ambiance for a good night’s sleep.

Modern-day smart fan controllers come inbuilt with a solution to cut the noise, like Toyama’s humfree smart fan controllers.

Smart Ideas that Work

If you are an automation aficionado then you already appreciate the power of routines and scenes in smart home setups. Being able to control appliances and devices remotely is one thing, imagine being able to turn off the lights and fans across your home with a single touch or command!

Now that’s a smart nugget! And exactly what scenes are for. You can set up a series of commands and schedule them to be executed at a go while making any smart device a part of the routine.

This also allows for some fine-tuned settings. For example, you can set up two separate scenes, one with the fan speed at 100% for summers and another for a cozy 60% during winters/monsoons.

Smart fan controllers also tie nicely into your energy savings and help curb unnecessary power consumption. With scenes, routines and remote access you can ensure that fans are never running in rooms that are unoccupied or when you are away at work.

Making Life a Breeze

Right next to smart lights, smart fan controls are a must-have for every smart home automation setup, unquestionably. While the evident advantages may seem like excess in the beginning you must remember that every smart switch/controller/appliance is a part of a whole.

Working together they offer a host of conveniences and efficiencies that make life easier and rather exciting.

If you are looking at smart control solutions for your home automation projects in part or whole reach out to us and we promise to make it worth your while.

With Toyama’s 30 years of experience and trusted technology, we are your best bet for a smart home that works for you.



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