Luxury glass touch switches that run on WiFi or Zigbee.

Touch Switches

Luxury glass touch switches, easily retrofit in existing homes. Customizable with icons and colors to match the character of your house

Smart Living Spaces

Switch Technology

Behind the sleek customizable glass finish, hides the technical aspects of the switch. With a gentle touch control every thing in the home without the need of any protocol. Further for smart phone operations and communication with other devices lies a choice of protocols - Wifi or Zigbee. While technology is embedded in the Toyama Node, the Network is made with very simple wireless plug and play devices. This avoids criss crossing of cables and cumbersome programming of devices and server.

Wifi Switches
Zigbee Switches
Home Automation Sevice in Middle East-Toyama
Home Automation Sevice in Middle East-Toyama
Match your decor

Customizable Switches

Toyama touch switches have superior finishes which will beautifully integrate into your home, hotel or commercial space. Enjoy effortless operations and attractive products to fit the decor of your space.

LED Color Changing

Just press and hold the master button to change the display color of the LED switches. Experiment with different colors and choose them based on your mood.

Home Automation Sevice in Middle East-Toyama

Limitless Automation Possibilities

Touch switches are just the beginning, when paired with the right devices and for the right uses, they can make your life a whole lot simpler and efficient. Click below to find out how you can introduce smart automations in your space.

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