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Toyama offers three platforms covering all domains of automation. All platforms work with a single app with easy installation and simplicity of usage.

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Toyama Controls - smart home

Smart Home Solution Types

Technology to simplify Life

Toyama Advantages

Multiple devices

Multiple Users

Custom-made access profiles for children, guests and elderly
Multiple devices

Multiple Devices

Use your phone, smart watch or tablet to control your smart home
Toyama Controls - Remote access

Remote Access

Control your devices when you are at home or away
Toyama Controls - Versatile and flexible

Versatile and Flexible

Custom made solutions for your specific needs 
Toyama Controls - Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Complete and constant control helps you save energy costs
Toyama Controls - Voice Control

Voice Control

Integrates with smart home voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home
Toyama Controls - WizHom

App Control

Setup and control your home using Toyama’s WizHom app
Toyama Controls - Schedules

Scenes & Schedules

Control multiple lights and appliances with scenes and set up your devices to work to your tune on WizHome

Virtual Controller for 10 Nodes


With Toyama’s proprietary TMesh technology you can now build a robust wireless network of devices spanning across large living spaces and multiple rooms. Designed to reduce loads on your traditional WiFi network with built-in fail-safes and self-healing technology, TMesh guarantees that your home automation tasks are seamless and on target always!
TMesh working
toyama zigbee home automation gateway

Virtual controller for 20 to 50 nodes


Meet Toyama’s automation hub TGate. Connected to the cloud via your home’s internet, TGate brings complete control of your home’s devices and appliances to your fingertips. Operate, schedule, and monitor your home using WizHom - Toyama’s smart app or simply talk to your home via Alexa and Googe Assistant devices. 

Connect up to 50 devices across your home/office and sit back and take control from the comfort of your couch or when you are away on vacation. 
Technical Datasheet

Toyama x Control4

C4 Controller
with Toyama Devices

Go all out on home automation and bring advanced features to your modern-day home using Control4 controllers along with Toyama’s smart appliances. Capable of accessing in-built functions of devices like home theatre systems, projectors, security & surveillance systems, Control4’s processors are the perfect fit for complex and task-intensive automated homes. What’s more, you can choose from a list of 15,000 devices from top brands for your every need and add them to your home seamlessly. 

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