Control Toyama Devices with Alexa

Add the Toyama skill in the Amazon Alexa App, link Toyama devices and control them with voice commands.

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Control Toyama Products With Just Your Voice

From your lighting and fans, to air conditioners and coffee machines, just say the word and they will operate as per your commands  

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Alexa, Turn off the Study Lamp

Use voice commands to your google home to turn on or off your Toyama devices including lights, dimmers, fans, air conditioners and more

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Alexa, Turn on Party Mode

Entertaining guests? Just ask Alexa to turn on party mode. Preprogrammed scene having all your favorite lights, RGBWW lights, cooling systems and more are turned on simultaneously.

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Scheduling with Alexa

When it gets dark, lights need to be turned on. Wouldn't it be nice if tis happened automatically? With Alexa, schedule your Toyama devices to turn on at sunrise or sunset so you don't have to do it manually anymore!

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