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Hotel Automation Case Studies

Hotel room automation solutions installed in Goldfinch Retreat and Fortune Inn Valley. A walk-through of the advantages in hospitality projects.

Hotel Automation Solutions At Goldfinch Retreat, Fortune Inn Valley View Hotels

If you’ve been on a holiday or business trip in recent times(with the world gradually opening up again), no one would fault you for saying the ‘stay’ wasn’t the most memorable part of the trip. Despite most business and luxury hotels offering a plethora of options and facilities to indulge most travelers, a hotel stay tends to remain an interlude in an adventure. A place to go back to after a long day of travel, sightseeing, or meetings, simply to unwind, relax and get some shut-eye.

The Smart Advantages of Automation in Hospitality

With a heavy focus on customer experience, some hotels which aim to remain a cut above the rest are constantly tweaking the in-room experience, making them the USP of the stay. From age-old practices like minibars, fruit platters, and pantries to more modern ones like immersive entertainment units, high-speed internet, smart room controls, etc. these value additions have slowly captured the fancy of the starry-eyed wanderer and practical business traveler alike.

Hotel automation technology has been slowly becoming mainstream in India. Apart from offering certain conveniences and increased accessibility, smart hotel room automation can help bring operational efficiencies to the business, through a reduction in energy consumptions, increased safety and hygiene and cost-effective upgrades.

Goldfinch Retreat, Bengaluru

Goldfinch Retreat, offering a 4-star experience is one of Bengaluru’s finest luxury destinations. Located within 7 km from Bangalore International Airport and nestled in an oasis of 36 acres of sprawling landscape and manicured lawns, Goldfinch Retreat gives an escape in nature along with top-notch amenities.

Toyama’s Guest Room Management Solutions(GRMS)

In a recent upgrade Goldfinch Retreat employing Toyama’s Guest Room Management Solutions(GRMS) has enhanced the in-room experience for its guests. By swapping out traditional bedside switch controls for sleek glass touch panelswith multi-zone access, guests now have an intuitive user interface to lights and fixtures in the main living space without having to guess the corresponding switch to an appliance. One bedside touch panel comes integrated with service keys for privacy, laundry and housekeeping which are indicated on the corresponding room’s corridor panels.

Tailormade Smart Automation Solutions

Customized with the hotel’s logo the corridor panel system comes with an illuminated room number display, touch capacitive doorbell and integrated service status indicators(privacy, laundry and housekeeping). The room number illumination doubles up as an indicator of the occupancy status that is read from the state of the RFID key card slot placed at the entrance to the room. To keep the rooms aesthetics in a continuum Toyama’s Zeycan line of ultra-thin and easy to maintain modular switches have been used throughout choosing color schemes that complement the decor of the room and the decals of the touch panels.

These upgrades have helped breathe a fresh air of life into Goldfinch Retreat’s array of suites and rooms in the property bringing both utility and stylistic enhancements while leaving a lasting impression on their guests to come.

Fortune Inn Valley View, Manipal

For a discerning hotel, upgrades and facelifts can help redefine customer experience while remaining within budget. Once again Toyama’s GRMS came into play in such a setting at Fortune Inn Valley View, Manipal a premium, full-service business hotel that features 68 well-appointed rooms and comes with a contemporary ambiance and thoughtful modern amenities.

In a timeline synced across the hotel’s renovation plans, Toyama, using installation methods suitable for shorter turnaround times, has retrofitted the rooms and suites with a 7 key bedside touch panel system along with a corridor panel featuring a capacitive touch doorbell. These have been integrated with RFID key card readers and service status indicators for housekeeping services and privacy. These modern-day upgrades have helped revamp the over 10-year-old property giving it a new look and feel altogether.

The Larger Picture

Considering a hotel’s relevance in a competitive landscape relies closely on constant upgrades and feature additions, business owners and industry experts are steadily transitioning towards hotel room automation and smart solutions such as Toyama’s GRMS. While offering a wide spectrum of functional and aesthetic advantages, these solutions can be attuned to budgets both big and small.

The trick lies in finding the right mix or range of elements and addressing the most desired features of the guests. Here is where Toyama Controls can step in and collaborate. With over 5000 successfully completed installations across India and a dedicated and experienced team of business managers, engineers and technicians, Toyama can help build customized solutions for your business’s needs while factoring in costs, operational hurdles and guest experience.

If you are looking to give your hotel that well-deserved upgrade, remember, the right solutions are just a call away, always!



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