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Smart Locks: Futuristic Security Solutions

A guide and introduction to smart smart digital locks in home automation setups and advantages over traditional locks.

When it comes to the safety of our families and property we never compromise. Although we have come to terms with the fact that we live in an increasingly insecure world, we still find it hard to grapple with the thought of having to look over our shoulders constantly. However our lives are out there and we must go out and live it.

Traditional Locks and their Shortcomings

As always, technology offers ways to allay our fears and take control of our lives with a new age security solution – Smart Locks. But before we hail this technological marvel, let’s understand why and how traditional locks fail. For starters they are only a deterrent and not failsafe. Brute force and lock picking can easily bypass them and once done, property owners hardly even realise that they are being burgled. There is nothing that can be done proactively or reactively. Also, most padlocks and door locks are prone to mechanical failure, rust, loss of keys and dependence on ancient locking systems, whose mechanisms are common knowledge and easy to bypass.

So if we as homeowners are to adopt the new, the solution must address these shortcomings and overcome them. That’s precisely what Smart Locks do and much more.

Smart Lock Advantages

Like all things “smart”, digital smart locks are in the league of IoTs. They integrate into your smart home setup and form the base of your security system. Most importantly they provide keyless access. It’s important to understand why this is crucial. Since these systems are independent of physical keys, multiple users can have access to them without having to carry a copy of a key all the time. Even in the case of a key card, authorized users can create duplicates right at their home unlike in the case of physical keys where one has to run to the locksmith. Also remember that almost all smart locks, like the ones from Yale Locks for example, almost always have more than one mode of access – key card, biometrics, PIN code, app access and a physical key(in case all other systems fail). With that many options the odds of you ever getting locked out are slim to none.

The biggest advantage of a smart lock in a security system is however not the passive security but the active security that they offer. Intrusion alerts – when smart locks detect unauthorized access, suspicious activity(too many failed attempts) or physical damage they can immediately deploy protocols to alert homeowners, neighbors and local law enforcement. This is alongside engaging alarms, enabling security cameras and any other protocol that you deem necessary like turning on all the smart lights in the house.

Another very handy feature is knowing the status of the lock and being able to lock and unlock remotely. Almost every vacation is punctuated by that unnerving question of whether you actually did lock the front door. The irony is that you almost always have this question spring up half way through the ride to the airport. Imagine instead, if all you had to do was take a peek at an app on your phone and know the status of your lock?Sounds God sent isn’t it? It’s this same feature that also allows you to grant/override access remotely in case you want to allow someone to enter your home when you are away or revoke access to someone specifically who otherwise could enter by punching in the PIN.

Another Security Concern

It’s important to address the security concerns with cloud IoT devices. Aren’t they prone to cyber threats? While it’s a valid concern it is also unlikely. The encryption technology used by smart lock manufacturers like Yale and their installation by reputed solution providers can secure your home against intrusions, cyber or otherwise. Also most smart locks are in-built with protocols to recognize incoming threats and fall into secure modes by engaging the physical lock by default and therefore allowing access only through use of a physical key. This effectively means that either the homeowner or a technician from the manufacturer needs to be present to open the lock then.

Well Rounded Solutions

Smart home technology offers veritable solutions that come as a blessing to every homeowner. The advantages that smart lights, fans, plugs etc offer over traditional counterparts make lives easier and convenient by a stretch. Smart locks are one more such offering and an investment worth exploring for even retrofits as a stand alone solution or part of your larger smart home setup. To get the right solutions for your home, reach out to us at Toyama Solutions.



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