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Amanora Gateway Towers Automation

A showcase of Toyama smart home solutions in the Swarovski residential towers Amanora Builder Projects

Luxury real estate and its ownership is increasingly being driven by novelty features like smart appliances, connected homes, IoTs and energy saving systems. Smart home solutions have become the new USP similar to club houses, gyms and infinity pools from the past. This has convinced modern day developers and promoters to make them a niche offering to the urban elite.

If you are in the market, looking to buy your next home on prime real estate, with a flourish of luxurious interiors, modern day amenities and a brand that spells reliability then you would have definitely come across a veritable bouquet from the house of Amanora.

Amongst their more recent projects and the crown jewel of their collection is Amanora Gateway Towers 1, the world’s first residential towers marvelled by Swarovski. Embellishing Pune’s skyline and located in Hadapsar, the 45-storey towers stand tall at 150 meters making them the tallest residential towers in the city, offering 2, 3, 4 & 5 BHK state of the art luxury apartments. This hallmark of luxury is a part of Amanora’s smart township project – Amanora Park Townsprawling across 400 acres of lush greenery and meticulously planned infrastructure.

Amanora Gateway Towers

Toyama Smart Home Solutions

Driven by a vision to offer unparalleled comfort and luxury to modern day home owners, Amanora in partnership with Toyama Control Systems has endeavored to make these beautiful dwellings smart, uberchic and technologically flaunt-worthy. With a slew of automated, touch and voice controlled installations these apartments are taking the experience of home ownership to whole new levels of sophistication.

All the Bells and Whistles

Walk into a showcase Amanora Gateway Towers 1’s 3BHK unit and you are welcomed into the living space by an elegant display of flush wall panel complete with Toyama’s Humfree fan control technology. These multi-module touch panelsallow seamless control of fans, lights and connected appliances in multiple zones of the living room, replacing outdated ceramic/plastic switches and regulators that have traditionally dorned walls in the past.

Each one of the bedrooms too have been fitted with similar panels making convenience and luxury a holistic presence throughout the entire home. The touch panel units, being IR enabled, additionally offer control of connected appliances through a sleek remote that is cross functional throughout the home.

Amanora homes have also been given additional layers of personalization through Toyama’s scene panels. This nifty little panel allows customized scenes/moods such as party, night, relax etc that set the state of everything that is connected to your preference all across the house with a single touch.

Voice and App Control

Toyamas home control setup in Amanora Gateway Towers comes replete with a TGate Home Automation hub allowing homeowners to remotely control appliances/devices using Toyama’s Wizhome app. Want to go handsfree? Enter voice control. Toyama’s automation hub integrates seamlessly with smart assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant allowing control of devices on the home grid using simple voice commands.

Convenience, Finesse and Beyond

Smart homes like Amanora Gateway Towers offer many more value propositions to home beyond convenience, technology and style. There is an additional aspect of these homes being environment friendly, helping save energy in smart and efficient ways. Home automation allows scheduling and remote usage of devices and appliances to match your everyday routines. Low power consumption modes while on vacation, reduced power consumption during the night through presets are additional features that can weigh in positively while investing in luxury homes such as these.

To today’s young and discerning home buyer smart homes go beyond luxury to help them do their bit for the planet and they seem to love it!

The Early Bird

Amanora’s adoption of Toyama’s smart home solution has been garnering a lot of interest amongst prospective home buyers. The evident wow factor helps light up both smiles and homes during visits from clients. With a market that is ripe with opportunities for both buyers and developers, early adoption during design and concept stages can pave the way for ease of implementation of such technology making such developments both cost and value friendly. The future of homes will be smart.



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